Signs you’re in a toxic work environment and how to get out

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I was doing some research based on a past job I had which I hated. I wanted to know how extraordinary or average I was in this regard. Was I the only one that felt like work was a death sentence?

It turned out that I was pretty average. A study published in The Gallup stated that 70% of employees were actively disengaged. Another from Global found that 79% of persons quit their jobs due to lack of feeling appreciated. The Conference Board found that 53% of Americans are unhappy at work. I could go on and on but you…

Strategies for staying productive in the world of remote work when you live with a family

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Working from home for many of us was once thought of as the ideal work situation.

You kept hearing stories of those lucky bastards who can get up 10 minutes before work begins, grab a cup of coffee, and hit the ground running.

“Why can’t I be so lucky?”, you said… And then, it was your turn; or so you thought.

You got excited at the news. This dark cloud that has brought the world to a crawl had one silver lining… just one. You’ll get to work from home.

Finally, your time came. You set your alarm clocks forward…

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(Heavy panting)

Where am I?

Who am I?

What am I?

Why am I in a hurry?

Why are they all in a hurry?

My adrenaline is pumping.

I’m going as fast as I can.

What are we trying to escape from?

Whatever it is must be terrifying;

More than terrifying.

Some of us are getting lost.

Some are getting hurt.

No one is stopping to help anyone.

I guess I shouldn’t either.

Is that the right thing to do?

I don’t know but I have to keep going.

This is not an escape.

This is a race.

I don’t…

A guide to creating work-life balance as an entrepreneur

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Being self-employed is the in thing nowadays.

The internet is filled with ads and stories of self-made millionaires who achieve success by doing very little work and making a lot of profit. They report to no one and spend most of their time traveling, partying, and experiencing the best that life offers.

This has motivated many of us to take a leap of faith and gamble on ourselves.

If they can do it that easily, so can I.”

The majority of us quickly learn that it is not as straightforward, quick, or easy as it is made to look. …

Everything you need to know about toggle switches

What is a toggle switch?

You may not yet know what toggle switches are or how they work, but I’m sure you’ve seen them before. Even if you’ve never seen one in real life, you have watched old war movies before, right? Try to picture an image of those old airplane cockpits or even those old car dashboards. The small shiny levers that the pilots or drivers flip on and off are called toggle switches.

A toggle switch is an electromechanical device that switches a circuit on and off or switches between multiple circuits by flipping a lever back and forth.

Toggle switches come in…

What is tool steel and how is it made?

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As the name suggests, tool steel is used for the fabrication of tools.

The properties of tool steels make them the ideal materials for the fabrication of cutters, dies, punches, bits, and a variety of other hand and machine tools.

What is instantly noticeable is that these steels have to be able to stand up forces such as sheering, torsion, tension, compression, as well as temperature abuse without damage.

But what makes tool steel so special? What properties make tool steels ideal for their purposes? How do these properties come about?

Let’s take a closer look at this type of…

To the woman who invokes lust

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I want you.

I need you.

Need may seem like a strong word but, I do need you.

At least for now.

But why?

Why do I feel this burning desire to have you?

I can’t introduce you to my parents.

They’ll judge me… and us.

I can’t introduce you to my mentors.

They’ll shun me… and us.

But I do want my friends to see you.

I don’t plan to outright introduce you.

But, I will go out of my way to make sure they see us together.

I don’t want them to have any doubts either.

I will…

To the woman I’m not ready for

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I want you.

I need you.

Need may seem like a strong word but, I do need you.

But not yet.

Not at this time.

What am I waiting for?

I’m waiting for myself.

I’m waiting for me to be ready…

To be sure…

To be able to commit.

You’re a pretty woman, but not beautiful.

You are an attractive woman, but not hot.

You are a caring, compassionate soul.

But you don’t seem all that fun…

All that exciting…

All that adventurous.

I know you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.


From a 29-Year-Old Father to His 2-Year-Old Son

I won’t sit here and pretend that I have all the answers. Frankly, I might not even have any.

The little that I just might have, however, I will share it with you. If future realizations cause me to see that what I know presently is garbage, then I will correct them for your sake and mine, if I am around and able to do so.

I have been alive for almost three decades now. It sounds like a long time when I say it but looking back, it’s not.

Thinking back to my younger self envisioning the future, I…

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Aww crap! Here we go again. I’m tired of this. But I’m not scared. I’m always one step ahead.

Last month you started watching YouTube videos.

Last week you read that book.

All that failed so then you paid money to go to a seminar. Our money! We could’ve gone to Vegas and finally win back our money from the casinos, but no. You had to waste our hard-earned money. For what? To listen to some asshole who isn’t even that successful tell us how to live our life?

You think you’ve got this covered but wait and see. “Take…

Alshane Brown

An engineer with a multitude of interests

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