How Ryan Reynolds broke the fourth wall to teach me something about storytelling

image of Netflix shows on computer screeen

I’m probably not the most fun person to watch a movie with, especially if it’s a movie that I’m interested in. I’m the type to get totally lost in the movie because I want to hear everything that the characters have to say.

Now that I’m writing this I realize…

Don’t waste any more time until you know your date’s answers to these questions

image of couple sitting on a car bonnet

The landscape of dating has changed significantly. I’m not merely referring to the fact that dating is avalanching into the digital realm, but also to the fact that societal standards have changed.

Back when Morgan Freeman, Betty White, and myself were in our twenties, dating was more straightforward. You saw…

Can meditating for just 5 minutes every morning make a difference?

Image of female mediating in the rising sunlight.

Meditation has transitioned in my mind from something that monks in karate movies did, to something that hippies did, to something that weird people with obviously nothing better to do did, to something I do. That’s been my journey with meditation throughout the years.

I’m not from a culture where…

How I workout each morning to stay in shape

Image of female doing yoga

Exercising is arguably the most impactful part of my morning routine. It provides me with both instant and delayed gratification.

During and immediately after working out, I feel strong, fit, and sexy. I also level up in strength, fitness, and sexiness over the long term which keeps me coming back…

Alshane Brown

I write about personal growth and other interests from my experiences in life as well as secondary lessons that I’ve picked up along the way.

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